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Marco Polo

Ilaria Patassini


Fabio Lorenzi

viol, guitars, oud

Valeria Martini


Paolo Fontana

viola da gamba, guitars

To 750 years from the birth of Marco Polo, the greatest traveller of the last millennium, an audacious modern Marco Polo crosses the rout Venice – Peking on board of a scooter.

Travel’s story has become a television program of Sky’s Marco Polo Channel.

The itinerary is very hard, above all if crossed on board of a scooter:

Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Ukraine, Bielorussia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Federation Russia, Mongolia and – finally – China.

Ecovanavoce’s music is about the stories sent from the protagonist and his troupe.

The musical project is born for the label Paesaggi Italiani.