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Da Oriente a Occidente

Ilaria Patassini


Valeria Martini


Roberto Nobìlio


Paolo Fontana

guitar, viols

Fabio Lorenzi

guitar, viola da gamba

Paolo Pasqualin


This concert represents an itinerary through the mutual influences among cultures of the Mediterranean sea. Symbol of such itinerary is the Gamba Viol, whose evolution – departed by the Moorish Rabab – is exemplary of the sublimation of a culture into another.

The Muwashshahats of this program are perfect exemplars of this proximity: a genre been born in Al Andalus, the modern Andalusia, in the Spain of the 14th century – a period called Golden Age – a moment in which three cultures pacifically and productively coexisted as if they were one.

In such context, the Sephardic Melodies, image of the Diaspora towards other European countries and the middle east, is like the travel’s story of a culture moving towards the others.

The Rebetika Music, too, represents the history of a diaspora, but closer to our times: it is the music of the communities that settled at the outskirts of Athens following the massive emigrations from Smyrne, the Balkans and Egypt after World War I.

The women of Homer’s Odyssey are further symbols of a meeting among different cultures, of departures and returns through the Mediterranean sea. Ecovanavoce’s original tunes are introduced together with traditional ones and represent the Italian Tradition in this program.

Instruments of the European tradition interact with traditional instruments from the Arabic world to sustain a common voice.